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Kim Metez

Habitué Homes Real Estate with Keller Williams Realty Boise

kimmetez@gmail.com (208) 871-9059


Lisa Compton

Habitué Homes Real Estate with Keller Williams Realty Boise

lisa@habituehomes.com (208) 296-7468

Hi! I am Lisa Compton. I'm here to help you with buying, selling & managing real estate in South West Idaho. An effective negotiator in a tough market, I will help you truly achieve your property purchase or selling goals. Not sure if short term renting or long term renting is best for you? I will help you make that decision using our custom analytics and show how the Habitue solution can help you maximize your return on investment, provide you financial security and free up your time. Our team has been in the Boise Real Estate business for over 16 years and I love working with this team! When I am not collaborating with my colleagues and clients, you can find me out on the trails in Boise; spending time with my husband and best friend Rob and our four amazing adult children. In the summer months, I am often on the Idaho waterways doing some sort of board sport, mostly behind a boat :). It is my heart's desire to support and empower others in making the most of their decisions in real estate! Book an Appointment with Lisa

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