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Ballet Idaho

Ballet Idaho has been performing in Idaho since 1972! Ballet Idaho offers a full season of 23 performances occurring November through May. Ballet Idaho is the only professional ballet company in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, providing distinguished artistic experiences and opportunities that greatly enrich the creative vitality of the Idaho community that it serves.
Location: 501 S 8th Street in Boise, Idaho
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LED is an award-winning arts organization that weaves signature contemporary choreography, original musical compositions, and elements of film into thought-provoking narratives and inspiring stories that are redefining the boundaries of performing arts.
Location: 1420 W Grove Street in Boise, Idaho
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Oinkari Basque Dancers

Oinkari Dancers have become a source of pride to the Basque community as well as to the State of Idaho! The traditional dances have been taught to hundreds of young Basques throughout the years. Dancers and instructors from the Basque country have visited Boise and enriched the group's traditional repertoire. Community members have also had opportunities to travel to the Basque Country and provided the opportunity to learn additional dances. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience an Oinkari performance where a whirl of flying feet, snapping fingers, ancient music, and shouts of exhortation come together to provide a thrilling combination of precision and enthusiasm for entertainers and viewers alike!
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Sun Valley

Ballet Sun Valley

Enjoy an unparalleled cultural experience for Sun Valley locals and visitors alike!
Location: Sun Valley Pavilion in Sun Valley, Idaho
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